Infusing Hope

Crafting with Local Foster Kids

Infusing Hope implements crafting classes for kids at Pathways Youth & Family Services

Pathways Youth & Family Services
Pathways Youth & Family Services is a local organization that provides a wide array of programs and services to communities across the state of Texas including: Foster Care, Adoption, Counseling, and much more. Pathways mission is to create a safe environments where children and families thrive through building self-esteem, allowing children to and mature in their own unique talents, and equipping families with the tools to create nurturing homes.
Healing Through Art
Art can be a calming and motivational outlet for many people. Research shows that art can have a powerful influence on a person’s well-being and outlook. Creative avenues can help a body filled with stress and fear become relaxed and focused.
Art is a wellness activity that can change a person’s frame of mind. It can have an impact on emotions and attitude. It can create a sense of purpose and optimism. This is especially important for individuals who have experienced traumatic experiences. Through a drawing or interpretation, so much of a person’s inner psyche can be revealed. And in recovery, people will learn how to confront and manage facets of their pain, which may have been previously avoided.
Kids Craft
Infusing Hope has partnered with Pathways Youth and Family Services to provide arts & crafts projects on a quarterly basis to their foster kids. Gregory Pitts will be leading this initiative. He is responsible for selecting and leading each class.
The kids in our classes range from 3-17 years old and are usually held at the Pathways offices. Our goal is to have fun while learning to cope with life’s obstacles in healthy ways. We find unique ways to help build a child’s self-confidence and self-worth through playtime. Children are able to let their guard down, have fun and just be a kid around others that are sharing similar experiences.
Our craft time is very entertaining filled with music, snacks, and silliness! We would love for you to come join in the fun!!!