Infusing Hope

Casa Hogar Cabo

Casa Hogar Cabo is an orphanage that is dramatically changing lives for many kids in Mexico. They provide a safe home for abandoned, abused, and vulnerable children in Mexico. In addition to basic needs, this center gives kids a chance to learn essential life and job skills under the supervision of trained mentors in a safe environment.
It is estimated that about 400,000 children are without parents in Mexico and of these children 100,000 are homeless.
Infusing Hope’s 1st official event
Casa Hogar Cabo is an organization we believe in and want to help their efforts in building a brighter future for the children in Cabo San Lucas. 
One way we will accomplish this, is to raise both in-kind and monetary donations.  Shepard Elementary school will be doing a fundraising drive for items on Casa Hogar’s wish list.  This will be the 5th graders end of year service project.  Gregory Pitts will be leading this initiative at his school.  Infusing Hope will also be raising funds through our website to donate directly to their cause. 
Not only does Infusing Hope want to give in all aspects but we  want to bring awareness to Casa Hogar Cabo.   While our team is visiting the orphanage,  we will be capturing the impact the caregivers, mentors, and staff have on the children.  We will show you who Casa Hogar is, what they offer, what their biggest challenges are, and how your can help through our filming process.  
Every child has a unique story but share one common need and that is to be loved.  
Please visit the Casa Hogar Cabo website to learn more,